Boris Johnson's 9 point plan for Greater London

Boris Johnson (pictured here with Lambeth Conservative Deputy Leader Cllr Julia Memery) has launched his 9 point plan to secure Greater London's future. The Mayoral election on 3rd May comes at a critical time. Londoners are going through one of the toughest periods in recent memory.

Despite this, there are signs of progress that have resulted from a fresh and honest approach at City Hall.

Boris's determination to end the waste and mismanagement of the previous Mayor has freed up the money to pay for a strong plan for our future. The plan puts that money where Londoners want to see it spent in spite of the very difficult financial circumstances. It protects investment at a time when budgets are being cut elsewhere and focuses on the things that will create jobs and get Londoners through tough times.

Boris's Greater London Plan


The plan sets a very clear framework and Boris will build on this in the coming weeks - showing the progress he has made so far and outlining in detail what this plan will do to help all Londoners and secure the city's future