Is Chuka really a better bet?

This week sees yet another example of poor judgement by Streatham's MP as he becomes embroiled in a row over funding.  


Merely weeks after he launched what he termed a 'Streatham Strategy' which includes "new powers to clamp down on the number of betting shops" that blight the high street, he then sees no harm in accepting a donation from Neil Goulden, the former chief executive of Gala Coral, Europe’s largest gaming group, and current consultant to the company. The hypocrisy is, quite frankly, breathtaking.


"More sound judgement from Chuka then" said Al Hamilton, Streatham Conservative Chairman.  "He announces a “campaign” to stop the spread of bookmakers here, yet a month later pockets a £20K donation from them?  This hardly helps his reputation for saying one thing and doing another and certainly opens him up to charges of hypocrisy at best."


"And now he’s trying to claim it was a “personal” donation", Hamilton continues. "The donor is boss of the Gala Coral Group AND head of the Association of British Bookmakers!  Gala already have two branches here, you have to wonder how many more they need...?"


"Chuka is increasingly showing himself to be entirely without principle or integrity", said one unnamed source, "he's got more faces than Big Ben!"