Labour Lambeth Reaches New Low as Fake Campaign Shocks and Disgusts Residents

Lambeth Town Hall have scored a spectacular own goal by publishing a shocking fake campaign using fictitious stories of dead of children to score a political point over the consultation to close Clapham Fire Station.   There has been wide-spread outrage at the irresponsible and tasteless scaremongering generated by the imaginary posters and fictitious YouTube videos.

"This grotesque campaign has seriously back-fired, and was supported by the highest echelons of the Town Hall - Council Leader Lib Peck has her fingerprints all over it.  It demonstrates yet again the Council's blatant disregard for Lambeth's hard working residents.  This was funded entirely at taxpayers' expense, and supposedly to ‘influence’ a consultation that’s already closed!

This is not the first time Labour Lambeth have been pulled up for using tax payers money to promote partisan political scare tactics", said local Conservative Chairman Al Hamilton.  “It’s a shame they haven’t learned any better.”

It would seem Cllr Peck is somewhat disingenuous in her approach: Council sources reported that she emerged 'very encouraged' from her meeting with James Cleverly, chairman of the Fire Authority earlier this week, yet she still chose to press ahead with an ill-judged campaign, adding misinformation and mayhem to this already emotive subject.

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