Lambeth Conservatives manifesto for local elections

This year Lambeth residents have an opportunity to vote for change to our public services and to safeguard our environment. However, change for the better after eight years of Labour control and waste requires a new vision and leadership – leadership only the Conservatives can provide.

Lambeth, in the heart of London, is home to national and international institutions, parks, commons, and a huge variety of communities. But why is it that a borough that is home to so many talented, public-spirited people is so badly managed by the Council in its housing, streetcare, parks and commons, leisure, and schooling responsibilities?

Our manifesto identifies where mistakes are being made and, more importantly, sets out how the Conservatives can correct them.

The policies here are based on Conservative principles: fair taxes, transparency, efficiency, tolerance, and community.

We are proud of our borough and we celebrate its strengths and diversity. Our policies will ensure that Lambeth's council deals fairly with every citizen and safeguards the elderly, young people, and the vulnerable. Our policies will unite our communities.

It is time to transform Lambeth for the better. 

You can download our manifesto using the link below.


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