Lambeth wastes "£180,000" on campaign... after consultation has closed

Lambeth Council recently launched a “campaign” to get 100 new police officers from Mayor Boris.  Assorted Labour frontbenchers duly trekked to Brixton to have their photos taken with Cllr Lib Peck.  Then last week you will have received a shiny booklet & response card asking you influence Boris’ consultation by sending it to a Lambeth (er.. not City Hall?) FREEPOST address by the end of March.

All very well you might think.  Policing is an important issue.


Did it - anywhere - tell you that the consultation ended on March 6th....?  Before you even got the mailing, let alone could respond to it.  In fact, the result has already been published!  (…)

So, a serious community-minded campaign?

More of the usual wasting of our money through Lambeth’s rank incompetence?

A dishonest attempt to make people believe the Council was actually trying to do something on their behalf while merely postured for publicity photos?

Or just another Labour party exercise using our tax money to make partisan political attacks on Boris?

You decide.