Why the Labour council doesn’t care what you think

In reality there are only 6,000 residents actively bidding for council homes on the housing register, many of whom are already in council properties.

But even if there were 50,000 people on the housing register, the argument does not add up. Because by prioritising the idea that some residents need rehousing at the expense of residents already housed, the most basic right of individuals to live peacefully in their homes is ignored.

Individuals only matter to Labour in the sense that each person’s preferences should be counted along with everyone else’s preferences.

The plans to close libraries and increase destructive outdoor music events has a similar logic. Labour says reduced money from central government means libraries have to be shut or made into gyms, and more money is needed from outdoor music events.

The simple fact that Conservativerun Wandsworth has had the same funding cuts from central government without shutting any libraries, or allowing destructive outdoor music events, shows this is the usual spin.

By caring only about the sum of satisfactions, Labour’s crude utilitarian logic makes it normal to treat people in ways that violate fundamental norms of decency and respect.

If elected in 2018 on the back of an increase in support of just under 50% last year across Lambeth, the Conservatives would halt all estate demolitions, so that a proper Wandsworth-style consultation with residents could take place. We will put limits on outdoor events, and try to save all of our libraries.

Taking the politics and ideology out of Lambeth council cannot come soon enough. tbriggs@lambeth.gov.uk