Propaganda Parody Packs Punch

Streatham Conservatives' parody of Lambeth Council's anti-government propaganda is featured on the Guido Fawkes website – the UK’s number 1 political blog.

Councillor's Victory on Speed

· Lambeth sees sense over speeding · Latest measures highlight 20 mph zone· Speed indicator  device installed

Labour Lambeth's Planning Rules Fail Local People Yet Again

In the face of fierce local opposition Lambeth's Labour-led Planning Committee has agreed to a change of use of the shop previously leased by Tessa Fantoni so that it will now be occupied by yet another estate agent.

Labour Lambeth plans huge £30m ‘ego trip HQ’

Times are hard at the moment. You’d expect your council to be trimming back it’s excesses — making some savings to pass on to hardworking local tax-payers. Not a bit of it. Welcome to Lambeth.

Still in the Loop - Vital Train Services Saved

Joint Conservative and Lib Dem Campaign Saves Thameslink Services from Streatham: Conservative Councillors in Wimbledon and Herne Hill were joined by Streatham Conservatives and Lib DemsConservative Rail Minister announces Wimbledon Loop services to be retained “It’s fantastic to see a grown up approach to campaigning on such a critical issue has paid off so well” – Ben Everitt, Streatham Conservatives

Lambeth Kremlinology

Streatham Conservatives Chairman, Ben Everitt, gives an outsiders’ view on the up-coming power struggle in Lambeth Labour.

Labour Lambeth’s ‘Apocalypse Now’ Approach to Regeneration

Council Spinner Jokes about Naplaming Streatham High RoadStreatham Conservatives and local community and business groups have strongly criticised Labour-run Lambeth following immature and unprofessional comments on Twitter from a Council Press Officer.

Labour Lambeth's War on Trees

Labour Lambeth has cut funding for trees, a move vehemently opposed by Conservative Cllrs, who presented an alternative budget finding savings elsewhere to continue the tree planting programme as well as retaining other vital services.