Streatham Hill

Welcome to the Streatham Hill micro site. In this section you can find out about our ward action team and see the latest campaign news for Streatham Hill.

Streatham Hill Ward has 6,230 homes. The northern border of the ward starts at the junction of Streatham Place and Atkins Road and goes along the A205 along Christchurch Road to the junction with Norwood Road. It then follows the railway line westwards, momentarily deviating around Mount Nod Road and Hailsham Avenue, before it eventually meets Rastell Avenue. Here it turns northwards, along Emmanuel Road and New Park Road until the junction again with Streatham Place.  The ward is dominated by Leigham Court and Palace Road Estates, but also contains Claremont Estate. Outside of the estates, there is a high proportion of rented dwellings in converted houses.

The population of the ward is growing and by the local elections in May 2002, there were 9,722 electors. The average age of residents is decreasing.

Places of note include Brixton Bus Garage, Gala Bingo and Streatham & Clapham High School.

There is an Adult Education Centre on Palace Road.