Streatham South

Welcome to the Streatham South micro site. In this section you can find out about our ward action team and see the latest campaign news for Streatham South. Streatham South ward encompasses the Common to the north east, running down to Hermitage Lane and Acacia Road in the south, along the bottom of Woodmansterne School and the Vale and back up to Greyhound Lane.

The dominating feature is Streatham Common, which is protected and looked after by, amongst others, The Friends of Streatham Common.  Adjoining the Common is a Conservation area known as Braxted Park, where residents work hard to ensure the rigorous planning rules applied to Conservation Areas are adhered to and upheld. 

Schools in the area include Granton, Woodmansterne and Immanuel and St Andrews.  As seen all over the borough, there has been pressure on schools to provide extra places for children this year, with some families not getting their first or second choice. 

Crime is thankfully one of the lowest in the borough, but the ward still experiences its fair share of burglaries and muggings, and alcohol-induced anti-social bahaviour. In particular this is prevalent around the station, the Common and problems are also reported in Streatham Vale Park, with dangerous dogs and vandalism being a particular concern.

There are no major housing estates, though there is pressure on housing and over-crowding in both private and council dwellings is notable in the statistics for the area.  The ward does not have a large number of people in ill health; it does have a high proportion of people aged over 60 and also families with dependant children.   Though not an hugely over-populated ward, the numbers are rising, and we need to ensure the infrastructure is in place to accommodate these demographic characteristics.


Streatham South Team