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Streatham Wells Team Highlights Labour Lambeth’s Wasted Millions Whilst Council Cuts Hit Frontline Services

Lambeth Council has announced savage cuts of £31 million to services for vulnerable people yet it has failed to collect a staggering £51 million in Council Tax. According to an investigation by the Evening Standard, Lambeth tops the list with nearly all the worst offending boroughs Labour-run.

Streatham Conservatives Finance Spokeman Andrew Williams said: “Yet again I am simply astounded by Lambeth Council”. Andrew continued: “The council has announced vicious cuts to front line services. This uncollected money could be helping the people who are really suffering from Lambeth’s cuts. The Council must do more to make its cost savings through increasing efficiency, cutting waste and reducing their bloated layers of management”.

A separate investigation by the BBC has shown that in 2009/10 alone, Labour Lambeth failed to collect £8.9 million in Council Tax. With this money the council could afford to not make their cuts to lollipop patrols saving £150,000, or their cuts to Park Rangers saving £400,000 or their controversial cuts to children’s social care saving £3.5 million.

The Council could keep all these services in place for people who need them and still have change to improve youth services and summer play schemes which we are particularly lacking in the south of our borough.

Conscientious tax payers end up footing the bill for those who do not pay and whom the council fail to track down. This is one of the many reasons why Lambeth’s council tax is double that of neighbouring Conservative-run Wandsworth.